Security & Server Management

Security work and Server maintenance is tedious boring work, especially if you have to sit there on the command line going through logs, and running scripts. So people don’t update their softwares, don’t check their logs and don’t do backups. And they certainly don’t monitor their server 24/7 for security breaches, changed codes, etc… And Why should you?
All computer systems suffer from malware and viruses, including Linux. These bury themselves deeply at all levels of the operation of the server. It is a 24/7 365 job. And the minute you let your guard down your in trouble.

Let our software Ai do it for you.

Our system learns with us and your system. And is far better than any human could be because it never sleeps, and is much faster than the best security tech. And faster is important when it comes to saving your server that is under attack.

  • Our AI creates a model of your servers and users, checking your present server and access against it. 24/7
  • Our software continuously performs penetration tests and security reviews for core applications and APIs
  • It hunts for security flaws in the software and open ports whether create by accident or malicious intent.
  • We develop custom software to test, monitor and enforce security across your applications
  • We research security vulnerability disclosures and design detection methods and responses into the AI
  • We pro-actively disconnect any intruders and learn from their attack giving them a threat rating.
  • We do this without sleeping, needing bathroom breaks or holidays.


More information will be forthcoming on our AI-driven server management tools.

If you are a service provider, we provide private label solutions to reduces your server maintenance work.

Hint: as a Twilio partner our servers are sending us text messages,  listen to us, and fixing themselves.