The forgotten software features needed by AI

Most softwares are incapable of the following because most languages are incapable of the doing them. Many layers of software are required to provide the services that should be standard. Indeed many systems are total handicapped without them. AI system has to be designed to never fail, or fail safe if it has too.
Soft real-time*
Highly available, non-stop applications
Hot swapping, where code can be changed without restarting..
Immutable data
Pattern matching & search
Real Object-Oriented programming and data
*In a soft system the usefulness of a result degrades after its deadline, thereby degrading the system’s quality of service.Thus, the goal of a hard real-time system is to ensure that all deadlines are met, but for soft real-time system, the goal becomes meeting a certain subset of deadlines in order to optimize some application-specific criteria. A video game is a hard system, an air traffic control system is soft.