AI & Security Predictions for 2019


  1. It’s the data, stupid. Everyone is collecting data, large amounts of data, and Ai is being used to process it.
  2. AI is a dual-use technology, to be used for good and bad. The ability to scale  is extremely enticing to cybermoguls and cybercriminals alike, including use of intelligent malware.
  3. An emerging global cyber war. Players from all ISIS, China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Israel, USA, UK and others.While be in a global cold war that hopefully won’t extend outside the cyberworld.
  4. There will be a lot more focus on privacy and security of connected cars and IOT devices.  They will get hacked and be bridges for hacking. Your smart fridge will tell you are eating to many carbs and will netscan your open ports. After talking with your xbox it will find out that your router has an open port for it.
  5. The Cloud changes everything and everything is connected… and vulnerable. Put all your eggs in one basket, put them with everyone’s eggs, and put them somewhere where everyone has them. And hope that someone doesn’t figure out how to open the door in between.
  6. Some cyber breaches somewhere will have huge impacts on corporate stock prices, especially in the technology and cyber security sector. Is your Bitcoin safe?
    Industrial control systems are the wild-west of cybersecurity and many of them are not designed to fail safe.
  7. Risk management  via AI is going to become an extremely critical topic for both the public and private sector in 2019.
  8. In 2019, there will be continued consolidation of companies in the security sector, there are just too many of them. The cost of research and development will increase. Remember they are fighting nation-states with substantial monies behind their criminal activities.
  9. All kinds of Frauds will continue to rise, and they will increase in volume up to 2-3X in 2019.
    Healthcare organizations will be the number one target for attackers in 2019, and most are easy targets.
  10. They need AI to help them. This is a great opportunity for large companies going forward. But many large companies in that space will remain quite since they are vulnerable to these attacks and more interested in keeping it under the radar.
  11. Affordable, managed security service providers will increase dramatically in 2019 … Yes we are looking at this.
  12. A new role of CAI will emerge and it will be intertwined with CTO and CISO.
  13. As AI-enabled apps continue to proliferate, companies will face a rise in accidental vulnerabilities.
  14. More AI-driven chatbots will go rogue in 2019.
  15. Social Engineering Bots will be require class in some University.
  16. More companies will realize they need some AI in their business to survive against their competitors
  17. Virtual Humans will become more common place in the work place.