Custom Programming – mobile, web, desktop, databases, servers

We are a client and results oriented startup driven by Agile but managed processes with a team focused on quality.

We speak business processes,

 and build your intelligence into our software,

With custom programming, almost anything is possible.

Ok, so you want more specifics. Here is a partial list:

Languages: Python, PHP, Javascript,  any framework really, and we program in over 40 languages if we have to. PHP and Python is most of what we do. PHP for Website, Python for Backend AI. 

Databases: Mysql, MariaDB, Sqlite, Postgress, MS-SQL, No-Sqls. It doesn’t really matter PDQ if you know what I mean.

Desktop, Server, Mobile, Tablet, All form factors.

Favorite CMS: by far WordPress. We have done Website with Joomla, Drupal, Plone, and others but at the end of the day are they really any better. And we can do so much with WP beyond being just a CMS. Ask us.

OSes: Linux, MAC,  and even Windows if we have too.  Most of the stuff we do is Backend and with Ubuntu Server. But you know it all moves around pretty easily.We also work with Mono for those pesky dotnet applications. 

Yes, we are more open source than not. There are many reasons for that, the main one is that we don’t like our applications orphaned by someone else. We have multi-lingual people on staff to work on language issues and build multi-lingual software.