State of AI

AI now

True Artificial Intelligence is a little off. Most of the work is in Augmented Intelligence which is about making humans and the business processes more intelligent. If you look at companies like Amazon, they have replaced many of their jobs with bots of some kind or another, but for some key jobs, even something as

Logistics in the Age of AI

AI now

An Army is said to march on its stomach. In today’s world, it marches on its AI.   Ai has Changed  “How” Logistics is Performed.   The modern goal of all business enterprises is a Seamless Single Logistics System. Precision Logistics relies on modern information systems and the networks that connect them. The demands of fast-paced information age warfare,

AI – Machine Learning

AI now

Machine learning methods Deep learning Supervised learning Unsupervised Reinforcement We are working on the last three, which are giving real results today. We are leaving the first one for computers that will come later. Simply put… We use a smart Python backend to keep your data and customers choices relevant.  We use smart algorithms to

E-Commerce Solutions with CS-CART


Nowadays E-Commerce is taking over a major part of trades.We can easily see that lot of E-Commerce stores are getting online each day and it’s becoming really difficult to stand out in the queue. So, What we can do to improve the online presence of any E-Commerce store? Turn them into Marketplaces. WE WORK WITH OPENCART,

TASKMASHER software being used by Major International Construction company


A major international construction company just approved TaskMasher for managing its accounting department. With it, they can monitor and reward the 20 some people in their accounting department. The software allows then to maintain workflow as they process all accounting procedure for the many companies they operate. More information available as our NDA will allow